100 % Natural Juice – Kosher Certification

We are pleased to announce that we have Special Prices in our natural  concentrates juice .
No other brand of Concentrates Juice containing the characteristics of Tia Monica

Plastic containers, without artificial sugar, 1 liter to 20 liters, professional presentation, kosher certification, fda and unbeatable prices.

The shelf life is 1 year and every order is made as soon as order will place, client be  ensure the durability of our Concentrates,  we do not use stock in storage.
One of the processes to this product is that once you are prepared concentrates are given a 12-day quarantine, since being 100 % Natural pulp goes through this process before being sent to fence and we could 100% Guaranteed 1 year shelf life , product can not be exposed direct to sunlight, because it can be fermented as it is 100% Natural ..
No one else can offer this:
Tia Monica Juice Concentrate :
Mango-Guava-Jamaica -Tamarindo   Horchata – Peach and Lemonade.
1 Liter enought to make 20 Liters.
Tia Monica carries one of the largest selections of Concentrates fruit juice,available in United States. It is the focus of our world travels to look for the best quality and sometimes the most unusual fruit juice concentrates we can get our hands on. 

These concentrates must pass rigorous quality control tests. All fruit juice are tested for pesticides, herbicides and other potential contaminants using high pressure liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. 

Tia Monica concentrates are processed with the utmost care to protect freshness and preserve valuable nutrients. The fruits are typically picked at the optimum time for peak flavor and sugar content. The fruits are washed, pressed, and filtered prior to being pasteurized and reduced using thin film evaporation. 

Our concentrates are naturally rich in antioxidants. Typically, darker juices contain higher levels of precious antioxidants. Studies have shown that juices may help prevent certain diseases such as cancers, strokes, and heart disease. Fruit juice concentrates  have some very unique antioxidants which may even slow the effects of ageing and are very high in Vitamin C and Folate. 
Tia Monica fruit juice concentrates can be diluted at approximately 1 Liter fruit juice concentrate to make 20 Liters. 
Our concentrate does not contain sugar, meaning that they are suitable for diabetics.Those who want to add sugar to your own taste.

Our Concentrate are Kosher Certified and FDA Approved.


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